News Daily Spot: EU recorded 800,000 illegal entry of immigrants since the beginning of the year

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EU recorded 800,000 illegal entry of immigrants since the beginning of the year

The EU recorded 800,000 "illegal entry" of immigrants since the beginning of the year, said Fabrice Leggeri, head of European border surveillance agency Frontex said in an interview Wednesday with the German newspaper Bild.


Leggeri warns that the flow of immigrants in Europe probably has not yet "peaked" and calls upon States to arrest those who have no right to asylum to be sent "promptly" to their countries of origin.

This exceeds the estimates of the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), but how to calculate Frontex makes the same person may be counted several times, the agency in mid-October.

"European states should get the idea that we expect a very difficult situation in the coming months," says Leggeri, remembering that Frontex is responsible for the "security" border but can not forward migrants to their countries.

He judged that the "hotspots" reception centers and provided registration in the Greek islands and in Sicily (Italy), will not allow to absorb the flow of asylum seekers, since not allow "extended stay".

"He who entered illegally and have no right to asylum must be forwarded promptly to their country," insisted Leggeri, considering that the EU needs "host structures" where migrants "be locked if necessary."

Frontex chief called on European states to "do more consistently use" of its right, provided by the European texts, to stop "up to 18 months" to an illegal alien to "organize their back."

This topic is the main point of contention within the governing coalition in Germany, first host country of asylum applicants: the Conservatives want to create "transit zones" at borders to retain on immigrants during the accelerated examination of his dossier, as at airports.

The Social Democrats reject that idea, denouncing a plan to create "massive fields" or "holding areas".

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