News Daily Spot: Denunciation of "dirty war" campaign lights Argentina

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Denunciation of "dirty war" campaign lights Argentina

Buenos Aires, The opposition candidate for president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri accused the ruling Front for Victory (FPV) to generate fear after a weekend full of attacks on social networks warning that would take away the social plans population and after a devaluation, their quality of life would be deteriorated.

"Can you imagine homeless? Hunger Can you imagine? Can you imagine getting really back? Can you imagine if you win Macri really? Scioli man win," says an advertisement, with images of the Argentina crisis of 2002, tweeted by the official leader Luis D'Elia, Reuters said.

Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires and an advocate of free trade, defied opinion polls to get enough votes in the elections on October 25 to promote a runoff against the candidate of the ruling party, Daniel Scioli, the next November 22 .

"A few days before the run-off, the ruling now displays a dark fill strategy grief and fear in the population, with the sole purpose of scaring them about the possibility of change," Macri said through his Facebook account.

"But it will not work ... We have already noticed that there are millions and millions. Now open your eyes and not closing them again," he added.

Scioli, the same party that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said his campaign does not seek to sow fear, but to remind voters risk returning to the free market policies of the 90, which in his opinion, generated the crisis 2002.

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