News Daily Spot: Barack Obama signs bipartisan agreement on budget

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Barack Obama signs bipartisan agreement on budget

Washingtom , Barack Obama on Monday signed a bill on the national budget that avoids paralyzing the government and postponed the next series of disputes over federal spending and debt until after the presidential and legislative elections in November 2016.

Obama praised the unusual bipartisan cooperation that allowed the agreement for two years and said that guides the government in a responsible way. "I should get rid of the threat of shutdown cycle and last-minute arrangements and allows us, therefore, plan for the future," said the President, AP quoted.

The Tuesday was the deadline to prevent the United States fall into arrears with its financial obligations by raising the debt limit admitted.

The Senate gave final bill passed by the House of Representatives last week and sent it to President approval. Obama signed yesterday in his office shortly before leaving on a day trip to New Jersey and New York to focus on the criminal justice system and raise funds for the Democrats.

The law raises the debt limit the government until March 2017. The measure also establishes federal spending for fiscal years 2016 and 2017, and relaxes the strict spending limits by providing an additional $ 80,000 million, divided equally between military and domestic programs.

The budget negotiations, which began weeks ago, accelerated when Republican Paul Ryan got ready to take over as chairman of the House of Representatives.

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