News Daily Spot: Birth of a child with two heads in Bangladesh

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Birth of a child with two heads in Bangladesh

A girl with two heads born in Bangladesh is being treated for respiratory problems in a hospital in Dhaka, said Thursday his father.

"When I saw the girl I was stunned. He had two fully developed heads. Is eating with two mouths and two noses breathing, "he told AFP his father, Jamal Mia. "Still I thank Allah because she and her mother are well," he added.

The baby was born Wednesday night and was taken to the intensive care unit of the country's largest hospital in Dhaka, where he is being treated for breathing difficulties.

Abu Kawsar, owner of Total Healthcare Standard Hospital where the child was born by Caesarean section, explained that the first tests indicate that the baby has two heads but the other organs are normal.

"Except for the fact of having two heads, the baby has other bodies and members of a normal baby," Kawsar told AFP.

As news of the birth of a "miracle baby", hundreds of people flocked to the city Brahmanbaria, 120 kilometers from Dhaka, where she was born.

"The whole city came to the clinic. Hundreds of people came, some from neighboring towns, "said Kawsar. "Luckily he moved to Dhaka, but would have been very difficult to control the crowd," he added.

His father, a farm laborer with very few resources, now fears being unable to support his daughter if she needs special care. "I feel sorry for her, her father is poor, I do not even enough to adequately treat your mother money," he said.

In 2008 he was born in Bangladesh another baby with two heads but died shortly afterwards.

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