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Approves medical marijuana grow in five Florida nurseries

Florida approved the cultivation and distribution of marijuana for medicinal and therapeutic five nurseries, two of them in Miami-Dade County, said the state Health Department said in a statement.


Health authorities indicated that the medicinal marijuana low THC, the main psychoactive ingredient of this drug will be used in cases of "difficult to cure epilepsy" and people in an "advanced stage of cancer."

The distribution and sale of medical marijuana could be implemented from June 2016.

To access therapeutic use, patients must obtain a permit from a qualified physician and register with the Registry called Compassionate Use.

5 marijuana cultivators companies have 10 days to deposit $ 5 million as bail, proof of the seriousness of your request.

Once they receive the official approval for cultivation, they will have 210 days to start planting.

Last year, almost 58% of voters did for the medicinal use of marijuana in Florida in the legislative elections, a referendum needed however exceed 60%, although the majority support of the population has led to the authorities to approve the measure.

In a poll last October prepared by the Quinnipiac University, 87% of Floridians approve the legalization of medicinal marijuana, while only 51% felt the same about recreational.

The 28 companies that participated in the tender must meet the initial requirement to have at least 30 years operating in Florida and be at least 400,000 plants growing at the time of application, said today the Miami Herald.

Most nurseries five authorized teamed with "consultants, investors, security companies and technology and marijuana growers out of state to develop your application," the newspaper South Florida.

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