News Daily Spot: President Obama called MSJ to apologize for attack on Afghan hospitalo

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President Obama called MSJ to apologize for attack on Afghan hospitalo

US President Barack Obama today called on the phone to the president of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Joanne Liu, to "apologize" for the US air attack on a hospital of that organization in Kunduz (Afghanistan).

The spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, said the apology offered by Obama in his daily briefing, adding that the president also called Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, to convey his condolences for what happened in the hospital, where they died MSF 12 employees and ten patients.

According to Earnest, during the call to the president of MSF, Obama assured that the investigation into the attack being made by the Department of Defense will be "transparent and objective."

In addition, Obama has promised to study the necessary "reforms" for such "tragedies" are "less likely" in the future, explained Earnest.

"When the US makes a mistake, we take responsibility and apologize when necessary," Obama spokesman remarked.

The head of US forces in Afghanistan, General John Campbell, admitted on Tuesday at a Senate hearing that the attack on the hospital was a "mistake" and a "decision" of the US military chain of command.

"A hospital was hit by mistake. Would mark never intentionally target a protected medical facility, "Campbell explained to the senators.

Furthermore, the general said, "based on conditions on the ground" in Afghanistan, Obama believes necessary to offer "different options to the current plan", which envisages a reduction of 9,800 US troops in that country from May 2016, with maintaining of a residual force in 2017.

Meanwhile, MSF today considered essential that an independent commission established the truth of what happened in the attack on the hospital in Kunduz if it is to continue humanitarian staff working in war situations.

Also, the organization has formally asked the United States and Afghanistan to accept an international inquiry.

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