News Daily Spot: Former Guatemalan immobilize bank accounts linked to corruption presidential secretary

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Former Guatemalan immobilize bank accounts linked to corruption presidential secretary

The attorney general of Guatemala, Thelma Aldana, announced today that they have been seized all private bank accounts of former President Alvaro Colom former secretary (2008-2012), businessman Gustavo Alejos, a structure linked to corruption in Social Security.

In brief remarks to reporters after participating in the inauguration of a Court and a Court of high impact on the Supreme Court, Aldana said that "today are immobilized bank accounts" Alejos.

The official did not specify the amount of the seized money to the employer, whose capture was frustrated yesterday during several raids by the security forces.

In these proceedings, however, they were arrested 11 people linked to Alejos.

The head of the Public Ministry (MP) said they are doing everything possible to locate the employer to capture.

The MP and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) linking the private former Secretary of the Presidency in a corruption network operating in the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS).

"We found a composed of officers and employees of Igss structure, and also by individuals, which were intended to favor certain suppliers (of drugs) in return for commissions," said the head of CICIG, Ivan Velasquez.

Alejos Cámbara, owner of several pharmaceutical, is noted to be one of the "operators" of the network and is accused of crimes of conspiracy, influence peddling and passive bribery.

The detainees as alleged members of the network are the hospital director general disease IGSS, Roberto Estrada Francisco Morales; Hospital director Juan Jose Arevalo, Carlos Enrique Palma Carranza and the head of the financial unit of the hospital Juan Jose Arevalo, Marcelo Noguera Sagastume.

Hospital officials also Rodolfo Salvatierra Carlos, Cesar and Hugo Estuardo Hernandez Monroy Navas René Bonilla.

In addition to suppliers of medicines for the State José Rafael Arriaga Fuentes, Jose Rodolfo Barrientos Montepeque, Matthew Stuart Ramazzini Menendez and Juan Pablo Moran Muralles Alejandro Toledo Enrique Paz.

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