News Daily Spot: Obama at the UN demand end to the embargo to Cuba: Congress has lifted "inevitably"

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Obama at the UN demand end to the embargo to Cuba: Congress has lifted "inevitably"

"I'm sure that Congress will inevitably lift an embargo which should not be there," Obama said in his address to the UN General Assembly.

The president defended the policy of rapprochement with Cuba that both countries undertook last December that resulted in the restoration of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies on 20 July.

"For 50 years, the United States implemented a policy towards Cuba that failure to change the lives of the Cuban people. We change it, "Obama said.

"Change will not come from me overnight to Cuba, but I am sure that the opening and not coercion, promote reforms and improve the lives of the Cuban people," he said.

In addition, Obama said that Cuba "will find success if you seek more cooperation with other nations."

The US president, who will meet Tuesday with President of Cuba, Raul Castro admitted he still "differences with the Cuban government" and that his country would "continue to defend human rights."

"But it will face those differences through diplomatic relations and increasing trade and ties between our peoples," he added.

Obama also referred to Cuba when he defended his idea to choose "cooperation over conflict", recalling that three US Marines lowered the flag of that country in Havana in 1961 returned last August 14 the Cuban capital help raise it again.

"One of them said:" We could do things for them (Cubans), and they could do things for us. We want them". And for 50 years, we ignore that fact, "said Obama.

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