News Daily Spot: Merkel called to address "root causes" of the immigration crisis

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Merkel called to address "root causes" of the immigration crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the Summit of Sustainable Development at the United Nations before the immigration crisis facing Europe "the solution can only be that we address the root causes."

"Thousands of people were forced to flee war, terror and violence, more than at any other time since World War II. The suffering was exacerbated because they have no future prospects and their environments are destroyed, "he said.

"Anyone who sees the suffering of those who have left their homes to find safety and future elsewhere and is aware of the challenge facing those countries that accept them, knows in the end the solution can only be that we address the causes deep, "he added.

Merkel said that "an agenda for 2030 is the right framework for this", and that it should take into account economic, ecological and social development issues and assume that this implies "a new global partnership" with "efficient structures all levels: national, regional and global ".

German Chancellor showed the commitment of his country to continue to contribute 0.7% of their GDP to development, but also spoke to expand its contribution.

"Our budget for development cooperation substantially increase the coming years. It is important but it can not be more important than private investment, which is crucial for the development of our states, "he said.

He also referred to the need to use resources in an "efficient" way and crises that are beyond the States, citing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Thus, Merkel said that Germany, along with Ghana and Norway, have asked the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon to "create a high-level group to learn the proper lessons from this pandemic and to take care of the world you can react faster and more effectively in situations like this. "

Merkel also said that "70 years after the foundation, the UN as a whole, with its unique legitimacy remains essential for solving the problems of mankind, but also has to adapt to new challenges and Germany will actively participate in the process necessary reform. "

The president summarized the spirit of the summit: "We know that every great plan comes in our mind. Today we are united in our aim to end extreme poverty by 2030. Another goal that not long ago often scorned. "

"Soon in Germany we celebrate 25 years of European unity and the end of the cold war. What it happened then divided Europe grew together in peace and freedom. Many have tried for decades, but virtually no one believed it was possible. Today we know that nothing has to remain what it is and change for the better is possible, "he said.

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