News Daily Spot: Controversy surrounding the Nobel prizes for violation of confidentiality

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Controversy surrounding the Nobel prizes for violation of confidentiality

The Norwegian Nobel Committee and its former secretary, Geir Lundestad, has been embroiled in a controversy over whether newly published memoirs violate the confidentiality clause on the work of this organization, that next month again awarded Peace Prize.

"Geir Lundestad has violated his pledge of secrecy at several points. As a former employee is subject to a confidentiality clause, whether they think the rule should be changed by greater openness, "the committee said in a statement without specifying details.

Lundestad, who was replaced in office by fellow historian Olav Njølstad on 1 January, rejected the allegations, which refer to the rule that prevents reveal details about the discussions about candidates until 50 years later.

"There is little or nothing in the book about what committee members held meetings about candidates. My views on the director of the Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian committee members are not subject to the confidentiality clause, "Lundestad said today in a report.

According to the also former director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, public figures "should be evaluated bear sincerely".

The book "Secretary of Peace: 25 Years of the Nobel Prize" includes several attacks against the former chairman of this organization and a member of the Committee Thorbjørn Jagland, criticizing his' was the prime minister, his ability and his political past lack of style.

Lundestad, who had questioned his suitability for months for being once the secretary general of the Council of Europe, accused in the book Jagland not interested in the work of the institute and for exceeding his previous overtures to the media about who might be the winner each year.

It also reveals that the committee hesitated to elect President Barack Obama in 2009, and accused the then Foreign Minister and current Labour leader, Jonas Gahr Støre of pressure not to reward the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Jagland stage at the head of this organization (2009-2015) has been surrounded by controversy, with contested elections as Obama, Liu and the European Union (EU).

The Norwegian Nobel Committee will announce the winner or winners of this year's October 9 at 11.00 (09.00 GMT) in Oslo

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