News Daily Spot: Stalker who blackmailed billionaire's daughter over nude pics is jailed for 12 years

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Stalker who blackmailed billionaire's daughter over nude pics is jailed for 12 years

A SERIAL stalker who married a billionaire’s daughter has been jailed for 12 years after trying to extort £2million from her family by posting explicit photos of her online.
James Casbolt, 37, demanded the fortune in exchange for not sharing further nude pictures of Haley Meijer – heiress to an £8.5billion fortune
Ms Meijer, daughter of US supermarket tycoon Hank Meijer, had reluctantly taken the pictures for Casbolt after they married, sending them to him while he was away in the Army.
But when she later threatened to divorce him and remove contact with their son, Casbolt threatened to “destroy” her and her entire family.
He admitted blackmail, stalking and harassment of Ms Meijer and two other women and was jailed for a total 12 years at Truro Crown Court, Cornwall.
Judge Christopher Harvey Clark QC said: “The circumstances of your offences reveal a highly intelligent calculating and criminal mind. Your motives, to put it bluntly, were evil. Your intentions were evil. You had little to no idea of the impact upon your victim.
“In particular the way you sought to intimidate and humiliate Hayley Meijer shows a deprived and distorted set of values. You were not mad, but you were bad and very dangerous.”
The court heard that, even on bail, Casbolt targeted two other women, young mother Simone Everett and professional surfer Anastassia Swallow. 
He harassed them with Facebook messages, leaving them fearful for their lives.
Earlier, the court heard how Casbolt, of St Ives, Cornwall, met Ms Meijer via the internet in 2009 before the couple moved to America and later wed. But her father Hank, boss of a supermarket chain, never approved.
Prosecutor Phillip Lee said the couple later moved to her mother’s home in Michigan and in May 2012 he joined the US Army. It is after that when he asked his wife to send him explicit pictures.
She started divorce proceedings when he became violent.
The blackmail threats began after he returned to Britain.
Ms Meijer said the “devastating” campaign had left her feeling suicidal. 
But he told police: “I don’t care how she feels, I don’t care how her family feels.”
The judge told him: “This time you used the alias of a mythical serial killer. You are a dangerous man. You present a significant risk to the public and I am going to pass a lengthy prison sentence.” 
Jason Beal, for the defence, said of his client: “He is a man who is stepping towards recognition of the seriousness of his actions.” 
Casbolt had earlier admitted blackmailing Ms Meijer by making unwarranted demands for £2million, stalking her involving serious alarm or distress between October 2013 and July 2014 by sending threatening and offensive text messages and e mails and by posting threatening and offensive messages and images on social websites.
He also admitted two charges of putting a person in fear by harassment involving Ms Everett and Ms Swallow.
 By Mark Reynolds

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