News Daily Spot: Calais crisis: THOUSANDS of migrants storm Eurotunnel terminal in night of anarchy

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Calais crisis: THOUSANDS of migrants storm Eurotunnel terminal in night of anarchy

THOUSANDS of migrants stormed Eurotunnel’s Calais terminal last night.
More than 2,200 illegal immigrants breached fencing this morning in a bid to make it to Britain.
Scenes of pandemonium saw migrants pour in through holes in the fencing, raising serious questions about the port's security. About 200 security staff, including riot police, scrambled to deal with the trouble, which lasted six hours from midnight.
About 15 migrants suffered injuries and were treated by paramedics.
Eurotunnel confirmed the invasion today, adding it was the cause behind delays to services this morning.
A spokesman for Eurotunnel said: "There was huge cooperation between the authorities and the Eurotunnel teams."
But another spokesman later demanded the Government steps up and takes immediate action against the “almost nightly occurrence”.
They said: "This is an issue that is a really for the Government to sort out. We need them to stop the migrant flow from Calais but it appears to be too much for them to handle.
"It was the freight terminal and there was some damage to our fences - which we'll have to repair - as they tried to board shuttles. Fortunately, there wasn't any damage to shuttles. Unfortunately, a number of people were injured.
It is an almost nightly occurrence - we're trying to run a travel business here."
A spokesman for the Pas de Calais said: "This was a very serious breach, and there will be a full investigation. He said around 2200 migrants were involved."
James Hookham, deputy chief executive of the Freight Transport Association, told "This latest attempt of 2,200 migrants storming the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais is shocking and of a scale that has not been witnessed before.  
"It is clear the migrant situation in the port has become a national emergency and a clear and present danger to UK interests and to anyone unwittingly caught up in it including truck drivers.
"It is now such an extreme problem that it has become a matter of national security which must be addressed by both the UK and French governments immediately. 
"FTA has worked tirelessly over the past six months as this situation has escalated - calling on the UK and French authorities to resolve the issue.  "We have offered numerous solutions to the situation on both sides of the Channel - all of which have either been met with silence or have not been taken seriously.  
"Whilst it may be politically complex we don't need obstacles or empty promises - we need solutions - and we need them now." 
British holidaymakers were today warned to stay away from the French port and northern France altogether as migrants continue to cause chaos for travellers.
Eurotunnel said anyone taking a day trip to France should "postpone their journey" due to long delays as a result of "migrant activity" throughout the night.
That advice followed a warning from the Foreign Office to avoid Calais due to industrial action by French farmers.
The Government urges drivers to keep vehicle doors locked because of the "large numbers of illegal migrants" and a "high threat of terrorism".
 By Helen Barnett

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