News Daily Spot: Stolen data from 400 million users of a recognized sex web

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Stolen data from 400 million users of a recognized sex web

The personal data of more than 400 million users of the adult pages that compose the FriendFinder network have been hacked.

Cybercriminals have taken over the databases of many of the online services owned by the company, among them AdultFriendFinder,, Penthouse, Stripshow and, among many others., Penthouse, Stripshow and are other adult websites

Apparently, the security bug was discovered a few weeks ago, and is responsible for 400 million accounts have been hacked. Most of them correspond to the web (339 million accounts), while another 62 million are of the Web, that allows the users to exhibit through anonymous webcams.

FriendFinder would have made things too easy for cybercriminals. It seems that theft of passwords has turned out to be an operation as simple as the copy of the same ones in plain text, since they did not have any type of protection.

But even more, according to LeakedSource, the FriendFinder network had retained the data of users who had deleted their service accounts in the past. Apparently, they had been saved as email @ @ and have also fallen into the hands of hackers. Of course, keeping these email addresses is not legal.

Be that as it may, if you had an account on some page like AdultFriendFinder or others on the network, the best thing you can do is change the passwords right now, especially if you used the same credential to access other online services.

This is reminiscent of Ashley Madison's account hacking that took place last year. In that case, even some users whose personal data had been revealed were even extorted from the threat of disclosing the affaires they had maintained with other members of the service.

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