News Daily Spot: Assange: Banks and the press will not let Trump to be president

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Assange: Banks and the press will not let Trump to be president

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said Friday that the established power in the United States will not allow the Republican candidate Donald Trump become president next Tuesday in the country.

" Trump will not win Why do I say this? Because it has all the power established against him," Assange said in an interview broadcast by the Russian TV channel RT.

Assange, who has been collaborating for years with RT, one of the pillars of the propaganda machine of the Kremlin which broadcasts in English, Spanish and Arabic, said that Trump has the support of a single power group, evangelicals, "if they can call it that. "

"Banks, intelligence, weapons companies, foreign equity, etc., are all united behind Hillary Clinton," he said.

Assange added that "the media also" openly bet on the victory of the Democratic candidate in the presidential elections.

In a preview of the interview released Friday WikiLeaks founder exonerated the Kremlin cyber attack that allowed the publication of emails from Clinton.

The portal also reported about 20,000 emails sent and received by members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), in which the contemptuous attitude of the party leadership to Bernie Sanders is evident during the primaries.

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