News Daily Spot: Obama calls for action against Trump: It does not show respect for any social group

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Obama calls for action against Trump: It does not show respect for any social group

The president of the United States (US) Barack Obama, requested political actions against the Republican candidate Donald Trump, because in his view, the employer also has shown no respect for any social group.

"It is not showing any respect to social groups. We (blacks) know the progress we have achieved despite the opposition and discrimination and policies disgruntled and continue to fight against these things," said the president during Speaking Saturday at the Gala dinner Congressional Black Caucus.

"I do not know if you heard the rival Hillary (Clinton) say it was a bad time to be black, I think that Trump was not in the kind of slavery, but we have a museum to go, we want to educate everyone and educate him".

Obama stressed the importance of a black has managed to become president of America, "but not only be President but work to make things right."

He said that among the achievements of his government is the fact emerge from the worst economic downturn, getting health is a privilege for all of the increase in college tuition, reform the criminal justice system and poverty reduction.

"We pulled it to 3 million 500 thousand people out of poverty, none of that was quick and none of it was easy"

He said that this progress has noticed the people who complain that their trial soon be leaving the White House.

"If you want to give Michelle and me a gesture of thanks, then do that people are registered to vote, my name will not be on the ballot but yes it will be my legacy," said the dignitary.

Obama took the opportunity to thank the Congressional Black Caucus for all the support and solidarity he received during his years as president of the United States (US)

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