News Daily Spot: Changing the Samsung Note 7 boots on September 21

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Changing the Samsung Note 7 boots on September 21

Almost three weeks after Samsung announced that its new Galaxy Note 7 cell were exploding due to a faulty battery, telephone operators Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T will begin to exchange defective phones with a new unit.

Sprint announced Thursday that starting Sept. 21 units Note 7 with a different battery replacement will arrive at their stores. Sprint customers who had purchased this phone should make an appointment at a store operator to deliver that could be damaged and redeem a new one, the company said in a press release.

"We must ensure that the inventory has come to our stores and our representatives have enough stores to help each client to transfer their data time," said Rod Millar, vice president of products, in a press release. "We are encouraging all customers to make an appointment".

Similarly, on Friday T-Mobile and AT & T they confirmed that also have copies of available replacement Note 7 next Wednesday. These devices have been approved by the Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC, for its acronym in English). Those who want to have not bought a Note 7 and want a new one (no faults) through T-Mobile, may register at the Web site of T-Mobile to receive notification of their availability, according to the operator.

And to avoid any confusion, Samsung said Thursday that differentiate the new Galaxy Note 7 of faulty, will change the color of the battery icon green white color, put a letter "S" in the box of the new unit and will add a black frame the bar code.

Removal and suspension sales Note 7 began on 2 September when Samsung announced that it had received reports that the battery of some 35 units had overheated and exploded. Since then, the company began its attempt to remove some 2.5 million units were distributed, including 1 million units already in the hands of consumers.

On Thursday, the US government formally announced the recall of Note 7.

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