News Daily Spot: EU Antitrust regulator files charges against Google for the third time

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EU Antitrust regulator files charges against Google for the third time

Antitrust regulator the European Union filed charges Thursday against Google Inc Alphabet avoid rivals compete against the company in the lucrative market for advertising on search engines, the third allegation that opens the company, reported Reuters.

The European Commission also strengthened its previous charges against the engine world's most famous search to encouraging in their search results to Google buying services against those of its rivals.

The Commission said in a statement it had sent "two statements of objections" to Google.

The new charges accuse Google of abusing its dominant position to artificially prevent websites of third parties placed ads from competitors.

The issue is related to the "AdSense for Search" from Google, platform on which Google acts as an intermediary for websites of online retailers, telecom operators or newspapers containing search engines they produce results that include ads.

He also said he had reinforced its preliminary that Google had abused its dominant position by systematically favor their purchasing services on their search pages conclusion.

Google said it would examine the European regulatory charges against the company and give a detailed answer in the coming weeks, adding that believes in promoting competition.

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