News Daily Spot: Why the US uses nuclear force still uses floppies?

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Why the US uses nuclear force still uses floppies?

The driving force US nuclear weapons still uses a computer system 70 and eight-inch floppies, according to a government report.

The accountability office said the Pentagon is one of several departments using "legacy systems" that should be urgently replaced.

The report said that citizens pay about US $ 61,000 million a year through their taxes to maintain obsolete technologies.

That is three times what is invested in modern computer systems.

It is planned that floppy disks are replaced by secure digital devices by the end of 2017 "

The document said that the Defense Department systems that coordinate intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers and support aircraft to oil tankers "operate with an IBM Series 1 -a system of the early 1970- and use floppies eight inches ".

What are the disks?

Also called floppies, became popular in the '70s.

A standard 8-inch floppy disk has a memory of 237KB, just enough to record 15 seconds of audio.

over 130,000 diskettes would be required to store 32 GB of memory, which is the capacity of a memory card average.

In the 90 3.5-inch disk it took place from 8 inches as the most popular format, with 1.44MB memory.

The manufacturer Dell stopped making computers with slot floppies in 2003. Very few brands are making.

Still they used in some of the 90 teams that are very valuable to throw away.

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