News Daily Spot: Thousands of Syrians hope that Turkey open the border

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Thousands of Syrians hope that Turkey open the border

Thousands of Syrians hope Saturday that Turkey opened its border, after waiting for days to the weather and the rain, after being forced to leave their homes before the advance of the army of the rebel towns in the north.

The European Union on Saturday reminded Turkey of its duty to welcome refugees guaranteed by the Geneva Convention, at a time when the border post of Oncupinar, remained closed, as confirmed by a journalist from AFP.

On the ground, the advance of the troops of Bashar al Asad, supported by the Russian aviation and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, gradually consolidating their positions north of the city of Aleppo.

On Friday night, the heavy bombardment that struck the town of Anadan, controlled by the rebels, allowed to Damascus tighten the noose around Aleppo, the great metropolis of the north.

On Friday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) reported that about 40,000 civilians have fled the province of Aleppo and seek refuge in Turkey.

This province is a major stronghold for rebel operations and according to experts, the government puts forward insurgents in the worst position since the start of the conflict.

After cutting the main supply route for the rebels in Aleppo, the army began to besiege the rebels in the east of the city, where there are still OSDH estimated 300,000 civilians.

The war that began with an uprising in 2011 has fragmented country, divided between the areas it controls government, the territories in which the jihadist group Islamic State and localities under the command of other armed groups operating.

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