News Daily Spot: Clinton broadcasts messages in Spanish to attract the Latino vote in the US

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Clinton broadcasts messages in Spanish to attract the Latino vote in the US

The frontrunner for President of USA Hillary Clinton today released the first commercials in Spanish will begin broadcasting on radio and television to capture the Latino vote in the internal elections of the country Democrats.


The 30-second ad on TV and radio 1 minute, and both Clinton, a favorite in opinion polls for the Democratic primary election, underlines its support for the Hispanic community and immigration reform.

The message begins with televised images of the two major Republican figures in the internal election of the party, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but then gives way to other shots where you see Clinton waving and meetings with community representatives America.

"When it seems that everyone is against you ... you learn who your real friends," says the voiceover in the televised address.

It highlights the struggle that has kept the former Secretary of State "for immigration reform that keeps families together" and in favor of medical access to eight million children and their proposal to make "a college education cheaper."

The radio message includes similar ideas, and both this and the TV seeking the vote for the Democratic caucus to be held this month in the state of Nevada, with a strong presence in Latino communities.

Although a minimal difference over its main rival, Bernie Sanders, Clinton won the caucus last Monday in the state Iowa, the first internal electoral test a process that will culminate in June before the presidential elections in November.

On Tuesday there will be a primary election in New Hampshire, and the next call is the Democratic Nevada caucuses and primary elections in South Carolina for the Republicans, both on February 20

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