News Daily Spot: China punishes 27 officials for the erroneous execution of an innocent

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China punishes 27 officials for the erroneous execution of an innocent

Authorities in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia have punished 27 officials, including police and prosecutors, the implementation in 1996 of a young man accused wrongly of having raped and murdered a woman who pleaded not guilty 18 years later.

A total of 26 officers have received administrative penalties, including warnings and citations include demerit, the regional government said in a statement released by Xinhua last night.

The other, Feng Zhiming, who was deputy director of the public security bureau of the district of Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia where the incident occurred, is suspected of having committed several crimes in the exercise of his office so he could face a longer sentence.

The penalties are the result of the investigation of the prosecution of Inner Mongolia on the process that led to the wrong blaming Huugjilt, the young man who was executed in 1996 and found responsible for this error in the police and the courts viewed If, in addition to the prosecution itself.

Hohhot Attorney General at the time of the facts, Wen Da, is one of the punished.

Huugjilt, which in 1996 was 18, was sentenced to death accused of the rape and murder of a woman in a public toilet in Hohhot, April 9 of that year, which was executed two months later.

In November 2014, a judge of the Higher People's Court reopened the case Inner Mongolia and a month later ruled Huugjilt innocence.

Another man, Zhao Zhihong, confessed in 2005 to be the perpetrator of the crimes for which he was tried and sentenced Huugjilt, as well as murder and rape ten other women and girls, and in February last year, after the judicial review , he was sentenced to death.

The official Xinhua news agency described the false accusation of Huugjilt as one of the most notorious cases of "judicial injustice" of China in the last decade. After his acquittal, his parents received financial compensation from the authorities.

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