News Daily Spot: Trump believes the world would be safer with Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein

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Trump believes the world would be safer with Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein

The Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump, said that the world would be safer if it had not ended the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and to do something similar with Bachar Assad will have the same consequences in Syria.

In an interview on "Meet the Press" program Sunday Trump considered that Iraq and Libya have become a "disaster" since Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi lost power, and attacks to topple the Syrian leader will have the same effects.

"It would not have happened what happened in Benghazi, which alone is a situation that was terrible," he said referring to the attack on the diplomatic US mission in Libya in 2012, which killed four Americans, including the country US ambassador Christopher Stevens.

"We have spent two billion dollars on Iraq, probably a billion dollars in Afghanistan. We are destroying our country, "said the billionaire, who opposed the war in Iraq led by former President George W. Bush (2001-2009).

Trump said he did not have anything against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to intervene in Syria to attack the jihadist Islamic State (EI), but also to help the Syrian president to stay in power.

It also found that the attacks have weakened the Assad regime are those who have caused the massive flow of Syrian refugees into Europe.

"If you look at Libya, look, what we did there is a disaster. If you look at Saddam Hussein in Iraq, look what we did there, it's a disaster. This is going to be the same, "he said.

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