News Daily Spot: If the US nuclear weapons deployed in Germany, Russia strike back

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If the US nuclear weapons deployed in Germany, Russia strike back

The Kremlin today threatened countermeasures if the US plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Germany are confirmed, which Russia considers a threat to the balance of forces in Europa.EFE

"This can alter the balance of power in Europe. Therefore, without any doubt, this would require Russia to adopt the appropriate steps and countermeasures to restore the strategic balance and parity, "said Dmitri Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, told local media.

Presidential spokesman and stepped out of the information from the German television on US plans to deploy by the end of this year 20 B61-12 nuclear bombs in Büchel airbase.

According to the source, these pumps would be installed in German Tornado bombers found in Büchel, in western Germany, the only nuclear weapons base throughout the country.

Peskov said that US plans "are a new step, unfortunately, very serious, to an escalation of tension in Europe" and "towards strengthening stability and increasing confidence between the parties".

As for countermeasures, he said that it is "necessary steps to ensure national security of the Russian Federation and parity in Europe."

Said Friday military sources told Interfax, Russia arises deploy its Iskander tactical missiles in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, Moscow threatens flying for years against the expansion of US missile shield.

The Iskander (SS-26 Stone, according to NATO classification) have a range of 50 to 300 kilometers and can carry different loads of up to 480 kilograms.

Peskov also said yesterday that Moscow would take countermeasures after the rapprochement between NATO and Ukraine in Kiev pledged to strengthen their military cooperation.

"Of course, any approach of the organization towards our borders forces us to adopt countermeasures to ensure our own security," he said

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