News Daily Spot: Outrage as furious motorist caught abusing learner driver - for letting ambulance pass

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Outrage as furious motorist caught abusing learner driver - for letting ambulance pass

A RAGING motorist has been caught on camera launching a tirade of abuse at a learner driver - for giving way to an ambulance.

The clip shows a furious woman swearing at the rookie driver after he pulled up to let the emergency vehicle pass. 
The motorist slams on the breaks of her turquoise Vauxhall Corsa behind the uneasy learner, appearing confused.
After the ambulance overtakes both cars she is seen furiously waving her arms, sticking both of her middle fingers up at the learner and shouting at him.
As the traffic begins to move again she can be seen continuing to aggressively gesture and follows the car closely behind on the A2 omFaversham, Kent. 
Nearly 700,000 people have watched the outrageous video on the Facebook page Idiot UK Driver Exposed. 
Dumbfounded driving instructor Darren Willett, who runs Willett's School of Driving, filmed the footage using a rear-view camera.
He said: "I really didn't understand this woman.
"I signalled for her to look around to see the ambulance coming up behind her and when she started using those gestures I pointed at my wing mirror to see if she would understand that.
"I asked the learner if he thought anything we did warranted that behaviour, but we were both completely at a loss.
"It was clear the ambulance was coming up behind us and I told my learner to pull over where it was safe.
"Luckily, he's nearing his test so he's a confident driver and this incident didn't affect him too much." 
The 45-year-old, who has ben an instructor for 15 years, said the woman's behaviour is not uncommon. 
He said: It does happen a lot as people seem to get so frustrated and impatient with learnerdrivers.
"People need to begin realising that they won't get away with behaving like this when more and more drivers have these cameras on their cars.
"This woman needs some more lessons on the roads and needs to be retrained in how to drive and learn how to be a respectful driver.
"There was absolutely no need for her to be aggressive and if I was her, I would be very embarrassed."
The video has also been shared more than 5,000 times and has been received with severe backlash.
One Facebook user wrote: "Absolute idiot of the highest order. Hope this was passed to the police. What a charming lady."
 By Jake Burman

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