News Daily Spot: Super Drone created with 3D printer first drone designed in Latin America

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Super Drone created with 3D printer first drone designed in Latin America

The designed through 3D printing in Latin America has seen the light in Paraguay hand a company formed by seven enthusiastic young Paraguayans and Argentines, who have created a unique product in its configuration adaptable to customer requirements.

"We are the first (in Latin) from the legal point of view we get together, we open a society and as a society begin to bill (...) We are the ones who really sell, patented and have customer service. That's the difference "said Sergio Roman, 23, a student of electrical engineering.

Roman said the drone they have created, in reference to the model aircraft is "unique" and that customization of each unit is what gives the sole component depending on how you use the client.

"What is changed there are accessories as well as the flight distance, battery, camera ..." he said, as the device can be used for surveillance, mapping, photography or filming.

He, along with fellow Tech Guarani have made housing one of them a construction workshop where they design, printed and assembled piece by piece the drone.

There proceed to apply software "open source" that controls both the mechanical and motor functions of the device, as the functions of the elements that count in each case.

"The software is used generally for different types of drone. What we do is configure the software to work well with components that we use," said Erich Michel, computer engineering student of 21 years.

While adapting the wiring and configuration of the drone, Michel said each unit is different depending on customer requirements, which makes the model vary in weight, battery, camera type or time of flight.

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