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Facebook reveals how your mental health (+ more)

Our life is exposed in social networks all the time, no matter how often you post a status or upload a photo, the truth is that the boundary between live "online" and "real life" has ceased to exist long ago.

According to researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford Business School, what we share in our social networks is more reliable in terms of perception, that happens in our life "offline" when they need to understand if a person has a mental illness .

Update your status provides information about your mental health; according to scientists, a language analysis algorithm can pick up the symptoms of a mental illness, it works as an early warning for depression or schizophrenia.

How FB mental health measured?
Actually, Facebook and its algorithm only saves a lot of superficial information of users, such as musical tastes by sharing streaming videos or music; mood if you share your state if you feel happy or sad; if you saw a movie recently and will identify genres, trends and tastes that you have.

Although if we go further, Facebook also functions as a mask, a person with mental health problems hardly share in your state its real sense.

emotional facial expressions
According to researchers at The Lancet Psychiatry, these expressions can be categorized by algorithms, as well as labeled faces can be scanned cleanly.

Other studies suggest that the Internet is vital for people with mental illness express their problems and even their need of help tool.

All these expressions also create genuine connections with others in the same situation, so sometimes serves as a therapeutic tool.

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