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Donald Trump called President Barack Obama stupid

The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump criticized US President Barack Obama today to reverse the week from act to act in favor of Democrat Hillary Clinton rather than being focused on their work.

The New York magnate said Obama "does nothing to campaign" and described it as "an activist in chief" ( "campaigner in chief") in a pun on the position of commander in chief ( "commander in chief") that holds the president as head of the armed forces.

"You know? The other day said, 'Let's leave work to bring back our jobs to Mexico robbed us. Let him work to rebuild our Armed Forces' "Trump said during an event in North Carolina, one of the key states in these elections.

Republican magnate also said that current US leaders are "inept" and called "stupid" the president.

"We ran stupid people, right? We directed stupid people and one of them is doing too much campaign, "he added.

Indeed, Obama was in North Carolina Wednesday and is scheduled to return on Friday for two separate rallies in Fayetteville and Charlotte.

These stops are part of the president's agenda for this week which also included rallies in Ohio and Florida on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to help Clinton win the election now that the polls have been adjusted.

Until a few days ago Clinton held in North Carolina a narrow but steady lead of about three points on Trump in the polls, but the RealClearPolitics website, which makes a daily average of all polls published in the country, was now a " tie "to 46.4% between the two.

With 15 electoral votes, North Carolina is expected as one of the decisive battles on the night of November 8 with Florida and Ohio, with 29 and 18 votes respectively.

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