News Daily Spot: They met Tinder, hours after she dies and he is charged with murder

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They met Tinder, hours after she dies and he is charged with murder

Wright Warriena checking his Tinder. At 26, he was on holiday in Australia and wanted to have fun. Have fun. A few minutes later, someone contacted her. Gable was Tostee, a man of 30 who was struck by the beauty of New Zealand.

Now, Wright is dead and Tostee faces court accused of murdering her.

The incident occurred in August 2014 and the trial is conducted these days amid huge media attention for the details that come to light every hour. Chat, nude photos, a security camera confirming the meeting between the two and even a pizza chain Domino that the defendant ate when her lover was dead.

It all began on August 1, 2014, when they filed their first contact Tinder. At that time, Tostee asked the victim if she was "rare in the sheets". She was surprised by the questions of her suitor and asked if that kind of advance women had served in the past. "Haha, I'm not doing that 'work'. Just asking. Problem with that?". She then would answer could be "rare in the sheets" depending drink.

"Let's drink together, I'm a porn star after a few drinks," he told the accused of murder. A week later, on August 7 at night, the match would end in tragedy would materialize.

They met, they went to drink, bought some beer and a few hours later they decided to go to department Tostee in Gold Coast. They had sex and then began to argue. He recorded everything. An audio on that fight was presented to the judge. There she asked him to go home. "You've been a bad girl," replies Tostee. He threatened to beat her. And she says "no" 33 times, according to the official report.

At one point, she goes out to the balcony. He claims it was self-employed. But to strike he would have used a telescope that appeared on the scene. Then she fell from the 14th floor.

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