News Daily Spot: Putin still does not decide whether attends the 2018 presidential

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Putin still does not decide whether attends the 2018 presidential

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether to run for presidential elections of 2018 and conditions the decision to fulfilling the objectives it has set in front of the country, he said in an interview published today by Bloomberg.


"I still have not decided anything. They are almost two years. Why talk about this is very hasty. In a changing world, talking about this is even harmful, "said the head of the Kremlin.

Before deciding on how to organize the campaign of presidential 2018 and who should participate, he added, "we must see how the goals we have set to raise the standard of living are resolved, develop the economy, the social sphere and the country's defense capacity ".

After more than 16 years in power, including two full terms as head of state (2000-08) and four years as prime minister (2008-12), Putin said to have no secret for political success.

"I have no secrets, just always try to perceive the minds of the people, feel their needs, their attitude to solve problems, priorities, and try to guide them. And I think that's the most important work anyone engaged in the work entrusted to the people of Russia, "he said.

In any case, if finally stands for election in 2024 must relinquish power whenever the Russian Constitution limited to two consecutive presidential terms in this country.

About how you see the next leader of Russia, Putin replied that "should be a fairly young person, but at the same time mature."

Asked about his two daughters -Mary, 31, and Ekaterina, 30 and born in Dresden (German Democratic Republic) - Russian President avoided answering whether he would like to follow in his footsteps to form a political clan family-style US Clinton and Bush.

"I do not think I have the right to decide for them. They are young, but adults, and should they decide their future themselves. Overall, I think they have already chosen. It engaged in science and other very noble and useful activities for people, "he said.

Putin also defined the personality traits attributed to the Russian people by quoting the Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev, who wrote: "With Russia no means reason (...) in Russia can only have faith."

"We have a trait that although they have probably all peoples, we have exacerbated. It is the desire for justice. It is one of the dominant features in the mentality of the Russians. Another typical component of the Russian mentality is idealism, "Putin explained his point of view.

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