News Daily Spot: Macri: Argentina will expand the number of refugees accepted

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Macri: Argentina will expand the number of refugees accepted

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, announced Tuesday the United Nations (UN) the intention of his Government to expand the number of Syrian refugees who accepts that country, fulfilling the tradition of asylum that has shown that nation .

Macri was released at the UN in a speech he gave at the high-level debate of the General Assembly opened Tuesday, which are expected to participate over a hundred leaders in discussions about extending until Monday.

The Argentine president said that one of the major challenges facing the international community is the problem that generated refugees with a reality which, he insisted, "asked to do something else."

"While a year ago we committed to 'leave no one behind', images of today we are witnessing hurt us and worry us," he added the Argentine ruler.

He recalled that last May Argentina "white helmets" sent to provide humanitarian assistance in the area of ​​the Syrian conflict and work in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

"And I want to announce that we will extend the reception of refugees from Syria or its neighboring countries, giving priority to households with children."

"We can gradually increase our capacity to receive, to the extent that the financial support, technical assistance and logistical support international permit us," insisted Macri.

He took the opportunity to recall that Argentina "is a country that always opened its doors to men and women around the world seeking and seeking a better life".

"We live peacefully Christians, Jews and Muslims we are a society that is enriched by the diversity. We are an open society," she stressed the president of Argentina.

In his speech, Macri referred to the main concerns of the international agenda, but also to "encouraging news" as "the process of building peace in Colombia" and the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States.

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