News Daily Spot: Four dismembered bodies found inside a house in Spain

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Four dismembered bodies found inside a house in Spain

Four dismembered bodies, two adults and two children, were found Sunday in a house that had been rented by a Brazilian family, about 60 kilometers from Madrid, the police and the mayor of the town where the incident occurred reported.

Children have "about four years and one year" old, said a spokesman for the Civil Guard, adding that the dismembered bodies were found in a house in Pioz, a town of less than 4,000 nearby residents to Guadalajara, northeast from Madrid.

According to the Civil Guard the house had been rented by a family "of Brazilian origin," but said to wait the results of the autopsy to say that the bodies found are those of the family.

In turn, the mayor of the place, Ricardo Garcia Lopez, said the house is in a residential area outside the town and the victims are members of the same family.

According to him, according to the testimony of neighbors, this family had rented the house and was not Spanish, no doubt was of Latin American origin.

The authorities were alerted by a neighbor, "who could smell" coming from the house, according to police source.

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