News Daily Spot: 5 New things about WhatsApp you should know if you do not want to be out of date

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5 New things about WhatsApp you should know if you do not want to be out of date

In its latest update the messaging application WhatsApp made available to users five new functions that facilitate forwarding messages and taking pictures and new tools.

Below are the five innovations offered by the application, as published in the website of "La Vanguardia"

1- Share animated images

Now you can send animated GIFs from videos recorded from the gallery or the camera. "Simply pick a video and cut a piece of up to six seconds long and then select 'GIF' option at the top of the screen."

Thus, the shared image will loop in the preview of the conversation; but it is necessary that both users have updated the application.

2- improved Selfies

WhatsApp includes the option of "flash" on your camera to increase the brightness of the pictures, especially when drawing selfies with the front camera phone. Although a subtle improvement and can not be considered a specialized photographic tool, "the new option considerably softens tones snapshots".

3- "Zoom" in videos

The update also incorporates the possibility of applying the 'zoom' "while recording a video. "To activate it, simply clamp fingers on the screen to the desired increase, reaching a maximum of four increases."

4- Forward messages faster

Upon forward a message full list of your contacts, but also a section with the most frequent "chats" "to access the usual conversations faster" not just appear.

5- Sending messages simultaneously

WhatsApp now includes the option to forward a message to more than one chat simultaneously.

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