News Daily Spot: Turkish tanks cross the Syrian border

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Turkish tanks cross the Syrian border

Some 20 Turkish army tanks have crossed the Syrian border today to bomb positions of the Islamic State (EI) in the city of Jarabulus, reports NTV.

The tanks entered Syrian territory where fighting since early hours of the morning special forces of the Turkish army, known as the "burgundy berets".

About 3:10 GMT, several Turkish F-16s also began aerial bombardment, but ceased in the last hours and the aircraft still fly over the area, reports said chain.

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu has confirmed the participation of battle tanks, without specifying whether they did from the start of the operation or later.

It is "sweeping the Dáesh (Islamic State, by its acronym in Arabic) of the border," he said the Turkish minister in a speech broadcast live by that chain.

He also added that units of the Free Syrian Army (ELS) "crossed the border" to fight against EI in Jarabulus, but did not say from where they came.

About 3:10 GMT, several Turkish F-16s bombing began, and although they stopped in the last hours still fly over the area, reports said chain.

Although President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Interior Minister Efkan Ala, have pointed out that the military operation is not directed only against the terrorist group EI, but also against Kurdish militias YPG fighting against the jihadists, Cavusoglu nuance this vision.

"The YPG should withdraw east of the Euphrates River," the head of the Turkish diplomacy, reiterating the position of the Government of Ankara and sustained for a year, that the river is "a red line" that Kurdish militias They should not cross.

Forces of Syrian Democratic (FSD), led by the YPG and US-backed conquered in mid-August the city of Manbech, 30 kilometers south of Jarabulus and strategic position of EI, but Ankara has demanded Washington to ensure the subsequent withdrawal of the Kurdish militias.

The Turkish incursion into Syria coincides with the official visit of a day that carried out today US Vice President, Joe Biden, to Ankara.

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