News Daily Spot: Trump will visit Mexico and meet with President Peña Nieto

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Trump will visit Mexico and meet with President Peña Nieto

The Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump said today he accepted an invitation of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, to visit the country and is expected to meet Wednesday with it.


"I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Peña Nieto and I am very eager to meet him tomorrow," Trump said in a message posted on his official Twitter page.

Earlier, the Mexican Presidency had indicated that last Friday, Peña Nieto sent "invitations to both candidates," Trump Republican and Democrat Hillary Clinton, to visit the neighboring country.

In his official Twitter account, the presidency later confirmed that Trump "has accepted this invitation and tomorrow will meet privately with the President" Peña Nieto.

Visit Trump to Mexico is a surprising twist in his election campaign, which began with an insult to Mexican immigrants, whom he called "criminals" and "rapists" and continued with his proposal to build a wall along the border between the two countries.

The meeting with Peña Nieto will occur the same day that Trump is scheduled to give an expected speech on his immigration policy in the state of Arizona, which is scheduled for 18:00 local time (01.00 GMT Thursday).

That speech, postponed several times, has sparked a huge buzz in the US because, at times last week, Trump seemed willing to soften its harsh immigration proposals to attract broadly favorable to his rival Clinton Hispanic and black voters.

Last week, Trump opened the door to recant his plan to create "a force of deportation" to expel eleven million undocumented immigrants estimated to live in the US

After Peña Nieto sent the invitation to both presidential candidates, Trump decided this weekend push to schedule the visit this week, said today the Washington Post.

In an interview for the evening news of Televisa released last August 16, Peña Nieto said his government "is in absolute willingness to work and build who eventually is elected president of the United States" in November.

Asked if he would meet with Trump, who in his campaign has made offensive statements against Mexican immigrants, categorically replied in the affirmative.

"Why would I possibly want to have dialogue with both candidates (Trump and Clinton)? Because I think it's important. I have heard different approaches, what was said in the speeches, and I think there's a distorted appreciation of what it really means the relationship between Mexico and the United States, "he explained.

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