News Daily Spot: This SD card can stabilize your videos after burn

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This SD card can stabilize your videos after burn

While it is true that today it is more common to have microSD cards SD cards (except for amateur photographers), these latest models still have a lot of trouble to give.

VirtualGimbal is one of them, and is willing to stand out above the rest of SD cards though apparently seems any other.

The card, and save the video you're capturing, is able to record the movements that the camera performs thanks to its integrated gyroscope. Thus they can be achieved compensate the movements generated during the recording itself improve the final result.

Actually this is not the first product that tries to solve the problem of stabilization of recording devices (eg SteadXP is one of the most striking), but it is true that the SD card is the smallest and which makes use the most innovative stabilization system.

Its creator, Yoshiaki Sato, said that is an adapter MicroSD to SD containing a three-axis gyroscope capable of measuring the angular velocity of the camera while video is recorded, so users can further stabilize the video they want in your PC.

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