News Daily Spot: Rises to 247 the death toll from the quake in Italy

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Rises to 247 the death toll from the quake in Italy

The earthquake that devastated several mountain towns of central Italy, causing at least 247 deaths, according to a new balance released at dawn Thursday by Civil Protection.

Spent more than 24 hours a 6.2 earthquake, rescue teams continued with a relentless race against the clock in search of any survivors trapped in their sleep under tons of rubble.

"It is possible that the number of victims grows," warned afternoon the head of the Italian government, Matthew Renzi, who toured the affected area in the afternoon and promised to help the families affected area.

According to press sources at least one hundred people are still missing and have probably been buried alive and some 2,000 left homeless.

The victims included many children, as well as a whole family, father, mother and two children, who for hours rescuers tried to save.

Dozens of firefighters, police and volunteers work tirelessly for hours in the small towns of Accumoli and Amatrice, in the Lazio region, and Arquata del Tronto in the Marche region.

The three lucian razed and turned into piles of rubble where only excelled few buildings still standing.

The earthquake, which was felt in Rome and Venice, awoke the population at 03h30 local (01h30 GMT) and since then there have been nearly 200 aftershocks.

The epicenter was located near Norcia, a town in the Umbria region, about 150 km from Rome, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The most seriously injured were evacuated to the capital of the province, Rieti, as well as to hospitals in Rome and Florence in helicopters.

The people of the towns most affected were preparing to spend their first night in the open, while the authorities had the bodies in parks and gardens covered by blankets and makeshift sheets.

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