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Professions of the future, according to Microsoft

More than half of the graduates today are being prepared for jobs that do not yet exist.

The world as we know it is changing strides. And technology has good fault.

"A new wave of automation, the arrival of true artificial intelligence, robots and cars without driver, threaten the future of traditional jobs," they explained the specialist Microsoft and the British consultancy The Future Laboratory in its recently published report "Tomorrow's Jobs "(the works of Tomorrow).

Experts said the technology will jeopardize (or transform) all kinds of jobs, "from truck driver to lawyer or banker."

Here we explain some of the above:

1. Tour guide space

If you like traveling and astronomy fascinates this could be your ideal career.

"The Earth's orbit will become a new frontier for intrepid travelers in the mid-2020s," they explained the analysts.

As a result, "a new range of jobs will emerge to make their travel in the most safe and pleasant space", detailed.

2. Designer Human Body

The experts said that in the next two decades biotechnological advances will make live more than 100 years.

The main reason is that the tissues and organs needed to recover from illnesses more accessible.

"Designers of human bodies combine design skills with knowledge in bioengineering to create a wide variety of customized human limbs," they explained the expert.

Those with this position will be responsible for creating "human parts" that fit the tone of skin and musculature to provide exotic aspects or improve the functionality of specific jobs or sports. "

3. Creator virtual habitats

"In 2025, virtual reality will be the digital space in which tens of millions of us spend hours each day working, playing and learning," said the experts from Microsoft.

A virtual world, they said, will be "so immersive, interactive and realistic that it will be virtually indistinguishable from the real"

According to experts specialized research company CCS Insight, it is expected to more than 12 million virtual reality helmets sold in 2017.

They will be born new jobs and needed undoubtedly specialists in the creation and design of virtual habitats for applications that cover global industries, from economics to health or technology.

4. Biohacker autonomous

It is difficult to find a career that sounds more futuristic than "biohacker".

But experts believe there is not much to make it a reality.

"The rise of the Internet and new software platforms are democratizing science, enabling scientists to register at websites like Zooniverse to do all sorts of things, from discovering new planets to build molecules," they said.

And that is just the beginning.

"Scientists increasingly are getting involved in more projects crowfunding or crowdfunding to find new vaccines or DNA sequencing," says the report.

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