News Daily Spot: Mayor arrested and police in Mexico for killing 10 people

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Mayor arrested and police in Mexico for killing 10 people

A mayor and four policemen were arrested in Mexico by having connection with the death of 10 people who were killed and burned the weekend, said Tuesday the governor of the state of Michoacan in western Mexico.
Silvano Aureoles governor said in an interview with Radio Image authorities initially thought that the bodies found in a pickup truck near a pipeline in Cuitzeo, were linked to the illegal extraction of fuel pipelines.However, Aureoles added that the investigation revealed at the end that municipal police officers detained previously Alvaro Obregon victims. He added that the interviews indicate that mayor of Alvaro Obregon was the one who gave the orders.Meanwhile, he said interrogations "point directly to the mayor, who gave the order." Without naming the mayor, adding that the officer and four policemen were taken to a detention center.State attorney Jose Martin Godoy, also told a news conference on Monday evening that the mayor gave the order.

"After the arrest on instructions from the mayor, civilians were you moved to an area of ​​the municipality of Alvaro Obregon, where they were deprived of life and then took the bodies to an area of ​​the municipality of Cuitzeo, where they set fire," he said .Aureoles added that the motive for the killings appears to be related to a rivalry for selling drugs at retail.Michoacan state has been troubled for years by drug violence.The factSeparately, authorities said Tuesday morning gunmen killed a mayor of Puebla, in central Mexico.The Attorney General of the State of Puebla in a statement that the mayor of Huehuetlán Jose Santamaria Zavala, was found dead next to his sports at the edge of a country road truck. Apparently he was shot with a gun 9 mm.A witness who was traveling with the mayor and unhurt told investigators that someone placed rocks to close the road. The gunmen demanded money, but those who were not brought in the car, according to the statement.Zavala is the fifth mayor to be killed so far this year in Mexico.

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