News Daily Spot: Juan Manuel Santos: I have not become any Castro-Chavista

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Juan Manuel Santos: I have not become any Castro-Chavista

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, said today that did not become "Castro-Chavista", as pointed out by his opponents, and reiterated that the negotiations with the FARC for the agreement to end the conflict "was not delivered to the country" to that guerrilla.


"I have not become any Castro-Chavista" he said the head of state to intervene in the installation of the XXVIII National Congress of Exporters which began today in Cali (southwest).

During his speech, Santos said it is not true that the Government has given the country the FARC and, on the contrary, what was achieved was to end an armed conflict that allows "free from those chains, that war he has been undermining us. "

He also highlighted the dividends that brings peace agreement, announced last Aug. 24 in Cuba, because as he said, "we relieves a heavy chain to which we had already used".

Last Wednesday the government peace negotiators and the FARC announced a final agreement after nearly four years of talks, which must be endorsed or rejected by Colombians in a plebiscite to be held on October 2nd.

Santos said it is not true that the peace agreement the FARC are to enjoy impunity and reminded that there will be deprivation of liberty and heinous crimes and crimes against humanity will be punished.

"I think this agreement has been achieved mean the defeat of the FARC as an armed group, because with this agreement, the State manages this organization to recognize and submit to Colombian institutions," said the president.

He also said that the Colombian conflict "was the last in the Western Hemisphere" and now with the agreement of the country are opened wide horizons on all fronts, particularly in tourism and foreign investment.

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