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Instagram launches new tool to prevent harassment

Instagram Monday added a new tool to combat harassment and make the popular social network to share photos and videos a more "friendly" place.
Instagram, owned by Facebook, began allowing some celebrities and users accounts with the most followers, whose publications generated hundreds of comments, to filter the answers they receive.
Thus, they can completely disable the option to receive comments on some post or apply a filter words to the reactions of his followers.
"Our goal is to make Instagram friendly, fun place and, most importantly, safe, where people can express themselves," told AFP a spokesman for the social network.
If this stage of testing with the most popular accounts, especially the famous, is well developed, the new function could begin to be available most widespread way in the coming weeks.
Instagram currently allows users to delete comments or use a filter to remove hostile inputs or risqué, but the new tool will strike a balance between censorship that accused some critics and criticism that the network has not done enough to prevent cyberbullying.
The social network said in June have more than 500 million users, of which 100 million were added in the last year.

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