News Daily Spot: British Minister asked to negotiate the "brexit" as soon as possible

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British Minister asked to negotiate the "brexit" as soon as possible

The former leader of the British Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith urged the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to begin negotiations to make the "brexit" (leaving the UK EU) "as soon as possible" in an article published Sunday "The Sun on Sunday".

In this Sunday, Duncan Smith accused the supporters of the permanence of the country in the European Union (EU) to try to delay activation of Article 50, needed to begin the process two years stipulated to leave the bloc.

In his view, the output process of the European bloc after the triumph of "brexit" European referendum on June 23 should start "early" 2017.

The former head of Work and Pensions said that staying the EU "has weakened confidence and self-esteem of the British," they now have "the chance to believe again in the UK".

"Let us leave as soon as possible in order to continue and achieve the maximum of our new independence."

According to him, "be out returns control over legislation and borders and frees the UK of EU regulations" allowing this country, "as a service sector economy, position globally", establish trade agreements and compete "internationally , particularly in financial services. "

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