News Daily Spot: Brazil holds the presidency of Mercosur "is vacant"

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Brazil holds the presidency of Mercosur "is vacant"

Brazilian Foreign Minister Jose Serra, sent a letter to his counterparts from member countries of Mercosur which states that the EU presidency "vacant".
The letter was published by the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo and implies that Brazil ignores the announcement by Venezuela, which decided to assume the rotating presidency of Mercosur once Uruguay, on Saturday, declined to continue the charge.

"The Brazilian Government understands that the Presidency Pro Tempore of Mercosur is vacant, once there was no consensus about its exercise decision," says the letter sent by Serra to the foreign ministers of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Serra also described as "unprecedented" decision by which Uruguay declined to continue with the EU presidency and says it has caused "uncertainty" regarding the functioning of Mercosur.
It also insists that Venezuela has not fulfilled its commitment to adopt all the rules of Mercosur within four years, which expires this month and was granted to it when, in 2012, its membership was accepted to the block as a member of void.
Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil have rejected, in different shades, both Uruguay's decision to decline the presidency after his term expired, and the announcement by Venezuela, it passes then hold the position, which would correspond according alphabetical order premium for the transfer.

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