News Daily Spot: Unesco: 50% of fish stocks experiencing excessive exploitation

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Unesco: 50% of fish stocks experiencing excessive exploitation

50% of fish stocks LMEs experiencing excessive exploitation, warned Wednesday the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of Unesco, which speaks of "alarming levels" in its global assessment.

In the waters of eastern Siberia, who are considered at high risk, it is estimated that the potential catch of fish will suffer a decline of 28%.

Another outstanding by Unesco in its statement data is that 60% of coral reefs worldwide are threatened by local activities and that 90% could be threatened in 2030 by the combined effect of these activities and global warming.

In this latter regard, noted that 64 of the 66 large marine ecosystems in the world experience that global warming is "ultra fast" in the northwest and the northeast Atlantic and in the western Pacific.

The results of evaluation of the ocean and large marine ecosystems bring out "the risk of a disastrous worsening of the cumulative impact local and global situations" and the consequences for tourism development by global warming, warned the Unesco.

Faced with this threat, the authors of the evaluation have identified that there is "significant potential" if there is "an integrated global and regional levels to address these problems and strengthen the capacity of countries to conserve and use governance durably "the marine environment and its resources.

"Maintaining health and productivity of the resources of those he concluded transboundary aquatic systems will allow countries to help realize the global targets for reducing poverty and hunger and to promote sustainable economic growth ".

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