News Daily Spot: The pound rises after the withdrawal of the candidate pro-brexit Andrea Leadsom

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The pound rises after the withdrawal of the candidate pro-brexit Andrea Leadsom

The pound sterling appreciated after Andrea Leadsom, who defended the "brexit" in the referendum on June 23, today withdrew his candidacy in the internal elections of the British Conservative Party for the double charge of formation leader and prime minister.

The British currency, which after the departure voted in favor of EU sank to its lowest level since 1985, today recovered ground against the dollar, the euro and the yen.

The pound was trading at $ 1,298, an increase of 0.25%; to 1,175 euros, 0.29%, and 133 yen, an increase of 2.13%.

UK Forex analyst Jake Trask said the currency "has risen because the candidate pro-'brexit 'Andrea Leadsom has withdrawn from the competition."

However, he added, this rise "could be short" if the Bank of England decided on Thursday to lower interest rates from 0.5% today to 0.25%.

The foreign exchange market positively received up Leadsom for supporting the "brexit" in the plebiscite.

His resignation clears the way to Theresa May, who advocated that consultation permanence, albeit with reservations, and presents itself as a unifying candidate within the party.

Moreover, the London Stock Exchange today experiencing a significant upturn to be at maximum values ​​in eleven months, above 6,600 points, due to the recovery of property titles, which last week plunged on concerns about the "brexit".

The, the FTSE 100, London's main index rose 56.56 points this afternoon, up 0.86% to 6647.20 integers, and the secondary FTSE-250 index, more focused on British companies, advancing 411.53 points , 2.54% to 16589.28 integers.

London park recovery was due to the mining boom, fueled by predictions that this will be a good year for raw materials and the appreciation of construction companies and real estate investment.

These companies were devalued last week after several fund companies such as Henderson Global Investors, Canada Life and Aviva, blocked the listing of its property stocks following the massive demand for redemptions by customers concerned about the effects of out of the European Union (EU).

Subsequently, the UBS bank suggested that the sale of real estate securities on the London Stock Exchange had been exaggerated, prompting companies like Persimmon and British Land to rise again and be positioned among the top gainers today.

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