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The cell phone can help you forget the stress

For many cell is a constant source of stress, including notifications and mails WahtsApps work. But it can also be a tool of relaxation.

So if you're going to bring in hand all day, here are some options that you can say goodbye to your nerves thanks to your little friend: the cellulose.

These are the options:

1. Discuss in social networks
One way to get the anger is verbally assaulting others, no doubt about it. Opting for discussions on social networks and on no account miss the class.

2. Videos cause you any emotion
It is real you can forget the stress if you have another prevailing sentiment. Watch videos of UFOs, ghosts or other things that cause you fear can help you forget because you're so stressed.

Also the videos that make you mourn or cause tenderness you work. Those with conspiracy theories about historical events or famous people.

3. Buy
Buy something always lower your stress levels. Except when you get your statement. But you can try.

4. Videos of "what is done"
The videos where they are cut and destroy things to know what they are made, will help lower your stress levels as they release some destructive anger that you bring inside.

5. sites Complain
There are sites like 7cupsoftea or apps like Whisper that allow you to vent your problems anonymously. People respond you with advice or messages of encouragement and feel better.

6. makeup tutorials and DIY
See how and feel able to do something definitely relax you, even if you do not have the slightest intention to do so.

7. Online Games
Many people find relaxing video games, so download a couple and take some of your stress to improve your skills.

8. Meditation
There are several YouTube channels that offer guided meditation videos for you to give play when you need them.

9. Share in networks
Share a thousand things, answer all your states, your tweets, RTs and others will make you feel that you are connected with your "online"; in 2013 a study found that it is good for many people.

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