News Daily Spot: Pokémon GO game shoots Nintendo capitalization

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Pokémon GO game shoots Nintendo capitalization

Shares of Japanese Nintendo Co Ltd took off again on Monday, increasing by 7.500 million market capitalization of the company in two days, as investors cheered the success of Pokemon GO, his first foray into mobile gaming.


The game, which combines the old franchise augmented reality games, allows players to walk through real neighborhoods while looking virtual characters of Pokemon on the screens of their smartphones, an experience that has attracted rave reviews.

In the United States, two days after its release was already installed in more than 5 percent of the country Android devices, according to web analytics company SimilarWeb.

You are now more present than the dating app Tinder, and its rate of daily active users has equaled the social network Twitter, according to SimilarWeb. Users will play with the appliance average 43 minutes a day, more time spent in WhatsApp or Instagram, he added.

As the game revolutionized the US, Nintendo shares increased in value by about 25 percent on Monday and touched its highest level since November.

From the close on Thursday accumulate increases of 36 percent, when interest in the game was unleashed to grab the download list in Apple iTunes stores.

GO Pokemon could not give an immediate boost to income from Nintendo: Nintendo is free and is not the only investor or developer involved in it.

The game itself was created by Niantic-a spin-off of Google- and Pokemon Company. Nintendo has a third of Pokemon Company and both have a stake in Niantic unspecified.

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