News Daily Spot: Leaders around the world condemned the bombing in Niza

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Leaders around the world condemned the bombing in Niza

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, today sympathized with the victims of the attack in Nice (France) so far left 77 dead and hundreds injured during the celebration of the National Day of July 14.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia today reported that, for the moment, does not report that Mexican citizens have been injured or killed during the bombing in Niza.

At the time, the office asked the Colombian communicate with family or friends in Colombia or France to report their health status and said the consulate in Paris is attentive to any requests for assistance.


The interim president of Brazil, Michel Temer, condemned the "heinous and outrageous" attack perpetrated today in Nice (France) and expressed its solidarity with the dozens of victims and relatives against the "barbarism".

"Today, more than ever, we are all French," said Temer in a statement, in which he said that the murderers "not get" their goals, but "strengthen the bonds between free countries seeking equal status between nations of the world. "

Temer emphasized that the attack was against "innocent celebrating the highest universal values: freedom of peoples, equality between citizens and fraternity".


The Argentine Executive expressed his "total rejection and condemnation" of the attack committed with a truck today in Niza, in southern France, leaving at least 80 dead and conveyed his "sympathy and solidarity" to the government and the French people.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the South American country said that so far no victims of Argentina nationality are recorded, although informs nationals residing in France that the Argentina Embassy in Paris enabled an emergency number to respond to requests for information.

"Given the bloody terrorist attack on the date in the city of Niza, France, which had the tragic result dozens of deaths and numerous injuries, Argentina It expresses its total rejection and condemnation of the unjust manifestation of violence," he said text.

In addition, the Executive led by Mauricio Macri conveyed his "sympathy and solidarity" to the government and the French people, especially the wounded and the families of the victims.

"Argentina reaffirms its willingness to deepen the fight against terrorism and to ensure peace and international security, in the framework of international law and respect for human rights," the statement said.


The president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Pedro Cateriano, and the elected president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, today expressed solidarity with France.

"Our solidarity with the people and government of France, in this moment of pain that touches everyone," Cateriano wrote in his Twitter account.

According to the latest reports, at least 77 people have died and another 15 are in a state of extreme gravity after the attack by the driver of a truck that hit a crowd in Niza who enjoyed the celebration of Bastille Day , the national holiday of France.

Meanwhile, President-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a French mother, said he would give a hug of condolence to the French ambassador in Lima, when he addressed the meeting scheduled for that diplomatic delegation in Peru for his patriotic party.

"The terrorists made the attack today," Kuczynski said referring to the Islamic State that carried out attacks in Paris last December with the balance of 130 dead.

"My solidarity with the people of France for the terrible attack in the city of Niza," the president-elect also wrote in his Twitter account.


The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, today expressed his condolences for the attack in the city of Niza (France) that left at least 75 dead.

Through his Twitter account, the president expressed his "deepest solidarity with the French people".

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry condemned "energetic", so the "brutal attack perpetrated".

The Chilean Foreign Ministry activated an emergency committee that will be attending overnight, via telephone or e-mail inquiries from relatives or friends Chileans living in France.


The French ambassador to Uruguay, Sylvain Itte said today that his country is attacked because "it is a symbol against terrorism in the world," regarding the attack in the city of Niza in southern Gallic country.

"They're attacking France because it is a symbol, and the main countries fighting terrorism in the world," said the diplomat television channel Underline.

Itte, who was in an activity in Montevideo commemorating the Bastille Day said that this, in which a truck driven by a man ran over a crowd of people celebrating this date in the southern French city, "not it is an accident. "

"There are 99% of cases that say it is an attack. We are in some way at war, it is a war against terrorism and France is at the forefront. No facts now a free country like this, "said the ambassador.


The Government of Guatemala expressed his "deep condolences" over the "tragedy took place in Nice", where at least 77 people have died.

Through a message on social networks, the Foreign Ministry of Guatemala expressed his "solidarity" with the victims of an attack described as "regrettable".


President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela expressed solidarity with France after the attack in the city of Niza.

"Our condolences and solidarity with the people and the French Government for the events in Niza, we condemn these violent acts," the president said in his Twitter account.

While the chancellor and vice president of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo, wrote in the social network: "No words to events in France. Our solidarity with the French people right now. "

In an official statement, the Foreign Ministry said the "Government of Panama and its people repudiate these actions against humanity, which threaten international peace and security."


Australia today expressed solidarity with the government and the French people after the bombing in Niza that left more than 70 dead and hundreds injured.

"We are shocked tonight in Paris by the tragic events in Nice. On a day when Australians marched with their French partners, this cruel attack hit innocent celebrating their national holiday, "he said from the French capital, the Governor General of Australia, Peter Cosgrove.

"Our deepest thoughts and our sympathies with the government and the French people," he said in a Cosgrove, representative of Queen Elizabeth II in Australia, being in Paris to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Fromelles statement.

For its part, sources with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia, indicated on Sky News local television that the Embassy of oceanic country in Paris is trying to figure out if its citizens have been affected by this attack and urged those who are in Nice to not take to the streets.

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