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Know who else messages are sent your partner in WhatsApp

You swore a hundred times just talk to your ex for WhatsApp, but just as you see it sending messages to a mysterious person while believing you're not looking.
If you are jealous or jealous, there is a trick that you'll love.Who speaks your soulmate by WhatsApp? If you want to know how connected this with your ex or another girl or boy, you can find out easily ... we're going to show you how.A relationship does not end until it locks in former WhatsApp, and more who decide to remain friends, the spark is still there. If you want to know how much contact you have your partner with someone else via the popular mobile messaging application, there is a simple way to know, but it only works on Apple phones.When you go to shower, pulls out his iPhone (we know you know the key) and enter WhatsApp. Instead of reviewing message by message, we will use a trick.Give him a tap on "Settings", which is on the bottom right of the screen WhatsApp corner and then click on "Account". Once there, you head to "Using Storage".With horror or tranquility, you will see those contacts that your partner has had more interaction, they are ordered from most to least so it's easy to find what you are looking for, even if the information does not end there.If you saw that interaction with the other usual, you can know what kind of interaction it is. To do this, on the same list of "Using Storage" give it a tap to contact you care about.

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