News Daily Spot: Juncker says it will not negotiate in a "hostile" exit UK

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Juncker says it will not negotiate in a "hostile" exit UK

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said today he will not negotiate "with hostile mentality" UK output of the European Union (EU) and said he will miss the outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron.

"Will not negotiate with the United Kingdom with hostile mentality, we have been partners in the EU for more than forty years and allies, but not all, in the Atlantic Alliance," Juncker told a news conference after the end of the summit China- EU.

Therefore, the president of the EU executive said that in the negotiations to be opened as soon as the new British government formally communicate its desire to leave the Union "there will be no room for hatred, revenge, or to otherwise of friendship".

In this regard, he said that when the UK is what in Community jargon is called "a third country" hopes that relations are "close as possible".

Juncker said that maintaining "an excellent personal relationship" with Cameron, even though he opposed his appointment as President of the Commission. "He'll miss," he said.

According to the British press, Theresa May, who is expected to become today's new prime minister, has said that Juncker will be the next to know "how difficult" of his character, to which the former head of the Luxembourg Government reacted form ironic, saying she "will meet soon my own difficulties."

Seriously, Juncker moved that does not believe you get to have "big problems with Theresa May".

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