News Daily Spot: Humanoid robotics closer to becoming a therapeutic tool

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Humanoid robotics closer to becoming a therapeutic tool

Humanoid robotics increasingly developed technologically, is seen as an effective therapeutic tool and prove it and friendly robotic bipedal, as NAO, recently awarded in a rehabilitation project for their ability to motivate their exercises to children with motor problems, They told Efe responsible.

This robot is part of a therapeutic tool in the "Nao Therapist" project for child rehabilitation robots, driven by two young researchers at the Carlos III University of Madrid, which has been awarded in the Yuzz program, who heads the International Centre Santander Entrepreneurship (CISE).

Service robotics directed to live with out of limited spaces and therefore with less physical barriers such as industrial, is one of the technological areas of greatest growth in developed countries.

Realities such as an aging population will force likely to resort to this type of technology to complement the work increase attention and care of the elderly, according to experts.

It is also an area with great prospects in economic terms is. Everything indicates that the market value of robotic technology will quadruple in five years, and will increase from approximately 20,000 million euros (22,000 million dollars) today to over 80,000 million (88,000 million).

Researchers José Carlos González and José Carlos Pulido, responsible for "Nao Therapist", told Efe that the robot used in this project has an artificial intelligence system that allows the humanoid interact independently with the child, to encourage him to do rehabilitation exercises correctly.

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